External Plant Network Advanced management tool APX Gis is an advanced control tool for external plants networks. Its versatility allows to design the network, certify it, manage the installed network and facilitate the use of such important software through an interface as easy to use as effective. After the design of a differentiated geo network, other factors such as the certification of the network and as built must be tackled, to make the inventory of the network, to analyze its enlargement, to find solutions to the possible technical problems and to conform to the necessities of the client.
This program is ideal for the management of the optical fiber in big cities because it allows to know the state of the network at any time and even foresee different types of problems that can arise during its use. Thanks to its geolocation system, it is extremely easy to detect where the problem is to solve it effectively in record time. Likewise, the possibility of implementing the strategies for the maintenance of the network as well as a constant updating of the program make it not only a work tool but also an essential element to be able to manage the services correctly indicated above. For all the above, the Barcelona City Council has decided to hire this tool to manage the fiber optics in the city. The total extension of this great city and the dependence of the fiber to offer various services to the citizens are only two of the reasons that has led to the Barcelona consistory to have the support of Apx Gis.
Now, it will be much easier to solve any type of incident in less time knowing the exact point of the breakdown and even the reason for it. This efficiency has a direct impact on the optical fiber users who will not have to suffer more from the classic cuts in their connection while waiting for the technicians to detectasen the reason for the incident. With this commitment to modernization, Barcelona City Council makes the city a much more modern and updated. In fact, the big cities of the world already use this system and get the best results thanks to the features already commented. Everything is to convert Apx Gis, and the direct consequences of its use, in a total guarantee of excellence and to have an Internet connection as reliable as fast. The fame of this tool is more than deserved. Sure, Barcelona will continue to demonstrate its reliability and undoubted quality