Advanced GIS platform for the management of Optical Distribution Networks and Smart Cities


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Advanced Management
of Optical Distribution Networks and Smart Cities

APX-GIS is an outside plant management platform created from the experience acquired in the design, deployment and operation of fiber optic networks by the APX-GIS founding team.

It is a highly-scalable platform that allows, with a very reduced learning curve, to manage the entire deployment process, from high-level planning, to inventory management once the infrastructure has been built, while also supervising the delivery of the network.

Planning and Design

APX-GIS allows you to plan the network and manage its delivery, as well as future expansions, whilst keeping a geo-referenced of each element, the splicing of every box, the route of every cable or subduct.

Report Creation

Directly creates Openreach reports as A55, Blockage and ducts usage. Create other reports as Home passed/Not passed (UPRN) and the status of the Splitter Boxes.

Openreach integration

APX-GIS is integrated with Openreach and gets automatically all the PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) data. Speed up your design using directly the information of PIA and design using the existing infrastructure


APX-GIS enables an integrated management of all the infrastructure installed in real time for all users.

APX-GIS allows to
plan, design, certify, inventory the as-built and operate
any fibre ODN and Smart City


APX-GIS is an inventory management and operation solution for telecommunication networks that require modular and customizable environment for planning, deployment and maintenance.

Its main characteristics are:

Geo-referenced design and planning

The design of the network is the first step in order to carry out an efficient management of it. APX-GIS provides a planning, design and operation tool that allows you to plan the deployment in a unified way.

APX-GIS draws the mapping of the network, geo-referencing both the layout of the cables and the location of their elements, allowing importation from a manual design or an automatic design algorithms.

With this, all the documentation is generated to carry out the installation, offering a thorough version control to record all the changes that are made during the deployment and installation phase.

The designs can be made on generic cartography, local cartography or on previously processed CAD drawings.

Additionally, the system has a powerful mechanism for interconnection of elements that allows you to generate, automatically, the splice charts and the logical topology of all the elements of the network.

Network certification and as-built

It is indispensable, for the proper management of the infrastructure, that the certified design corresponds faithfully with what has been installed.

For that, APX-GIS allows you to use the last valid as-built, as the reference topology map on which all the elements of the network will be accessed.

With this, it is possible that the installed external plant and the network to be operated are correctly certified and the information matches what has actually been installed.

Network inventory

Networks are forever evolving, so it is essential to maintain an updated inventory of the asset. APX-GIS allows you to incorporate this inventory during the design and certification phase, and offer the initial level of occupation of cables, boxes and splice trays. This can be monitored and modified at all times in case an alteration requirements for connections, on existing cables and boxes arises.

This functionality, together with a consultation mechanism that allows you to trace routes between any starting and final point to evaluate the viability of new connections, or the route of existing ones, allowing complex management of network transport or access with total solvency.

Network expansion

To expand the network with new elements, simply expand the design with the new layout, using the design module that APX-GIS incorporates. In addition to controlling the deployment process, it is possible to carry out a comprehensive control of the delivery and avoid actions without inventory.

The engineering and the installation and operation of the network are fully coordinated.

Technical solution and specifications

APX-GIS is a cloud service with a high-availability database, integrated in a virtualized environment, offering as user environments with cross-platform application for integral management of the deployment process.

With this, you get that APX-GIS is.

  • Robust
  • Scalable
  • Sure
  • Ubiquious

Cloud service

The server is based on a cloud platform optimized for geo-referenced map rendering and an advanced Web engine to improve response to map drawing requests.

The databases on which the item information is stored and its configuration can be deployed in:

  • Simple solution
  • Database redundancy
  • Application-level redundancy
  • High Availability Settings
  • System redundancy based on customer requirements

Client application

APX-GIS offers, through a simple web environment, everything necessary for the design and management of the ODN to be deployed.

The design application allows planning of the ODN, as well as the location of the different interconnection elements. Once designed and certified, they are passed to operation and all the interconnection elements is validated to ensure a correct inventory.

Additionally, APX-GIS has an APP available in the Apple Store and Android Market for the management and certification of the elements in mobility. In this way, installers can certify the elements and revise the infrastructure from any location.


APX-GIS offers the following functionalities:

  • User Profiles
  • Multi-language and international support
  • Advanced search engine
  • Multi-Element selection
  • Layer filtering
  • Changing maps
  • View of occupation of elements
  • Routes verification
  • Topology map from any item to the network header
  • Logical Network topology
  • New Routes analysis
  • Fiber Connection Editing

These functionalities, together with a consultation mechanism allows you to trace routes between a starting point and a final point to evaluate the viability of new connections, or the route of the already existing ones, allows you to manage complex transport or access networks with total solvency.

The cloud platform is autonomous and transparent to the user and performs reports in an automated way:

  • Database backups
  • Alarm Reports
  • User Connection reports
  • Updates with new features

Additional modules

APX-GIS includes, within the initial implementation costs, the installation and start-up of the system, as well as the training for the operation of the platform.

Additional modules have been developed on APX-GIS to provide additional features:

  • Ticketing module: Management of service orders taking into account the occupation of the network and checklist for the control of highs and lows and resolution of incidents.
  • FTTH module for the management of Fibre-To-The-Home networks: offers address finder, areas of influence of terminal boxes, splitter management and network segmentation in PON trees, reports of occupancy of boxes and statistics of connection density.
  • Network maintenance and certification module: provides control tables to track network elements and the ability to upload OTDR traces.
  • Open Access module: allows you to assign third party visibility of certain elements of the network. This functionality solves the problem of the management of the open access networks.

Additionally, the system offers an API for interconnection to OSS/BSS operation and business systems . The APX-GIS team also develops tailor-made solutions and specific modules according to the needs of its customers.


In addition to the initial setup of the solution and the implementation of additional modules, the APX-GIS team can offer high-added-value services:

  • Network Design and Planning services
  • Definition of design criteria and selection of materials and equipment
  • Systems integration
  • Support and maintenance of equipment and projects
  • Custom applications


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